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Direct Selling Industry. QNET Direct selling is a growing and exciting industry that provides companies an alternative channel of the distribution and sale of products and/or services directly to customers, away from a traditional retail location. The industry allows businesses to connect with customers one-on-one – be it in person, online, by phone or through catalogue sales. This ‘connection’ to customers is achieved through independent distributors. At QNet, they are referred to as Independent Representatives (IRs). In emerging markets, direct sales companies and distributors benefit from both strong market growth and an attractive earning opportunity, while the region itself benefits from skill development and increased self-sufficiency of its people. In more mature markets, direct selling creates a truly unique distribution method that fosters community interaction while bringing additional income, personal growth, and peer recognition to distributors. The direct selling profession is a viable option for people of all ages and genders and from all income and education levels. The industry emerged as a way to deliver products to customers in a personalised, ‘direct’ manner and has never stopped growing. Throughout its long history, direct selling has proven itself time and time again as a resilient profession, particularly in times of economic difficulty. How Does It Work? In direct selling, a distributor earns a commission by referring a company’s products to customers. They also earn commission when other distributors in his or her network successfully refer products to other people. Products are sold to retail customers, who purchase products without opting to explore the business-side of direct selling, as well as to potential distributors, who purchase products as well as avail themselves of the business opportunity. What really sets direct sales companies apart from more traditional retail businesses is the ability for a person to start their own business, without major investment in inventory, expensive office space or shop fronts, challenging start-up costs, or prior education in developing business plans. Further, the marketing, packaging and advertising of the products, as well as the business training to the distributor, are all provided for by the company. A distributor of a direct sales company is able to focus solely on promoting the company’s products. Further, there are no specific qualifications needed to become a salesperson for a direct selling business, since the company provides training to develop the necessary business skills, as well as marketing education. This training aspect is an integral part of the offered business opportunity. Distributors have the very obtainable potential of the business becoming their sole work commitment, allowing distributors to be their own boss, resign from a job they do not enjoy, and reach financial freedom on their own terms.

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