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n the previous articles we talked about 2 important things which are key to success in Network Marketing. One of them being Leadership. Today I’m going to talk more about leadership.

A leader is simply a person who influences other people towards an achievement of a goal. In this case, it’s financial success. So, if you are able to influence people towards the attainment of financial success, then you will be very successful. You will have many people following you and more people will trust you. Note that it’s never about you and your success, it’s about influencing other people to be successful. You can never be selfish and be a good leader. You always have to be focusing on giving rather than taking.

Leadership has to revolve around 3 P’s
1. Person
2. People
3. Purpose

There should be a person who influences people to achieve a main purpose or a goal. And that person should be committed to the purpose himself otherwise there would be no influence. That person should lead by example. If he does that, he will attract and influence more people to follow his path.

It is okay not to be a leader if you want to live a mediocre life. But if you want to win in life and business, you have no choice but to become a leader. People want to succeed. People want to succeed BIG. There are many people out there who are looking for a person to lead them towards success. You can be that leader. You can be that person who can influence them to their common goal or purpose. Only then you can achieve massive success.

10 Qualities of a Good Leader

1. Great Leaders are Great StudentsThere is a common saying which goes like this, "Leaders are Readers and Earners are Learners.” To be a great leader you have to dedicate some few hours every single day to learn something new. Great leaders invest their time and money in education. Great leaders are always hungry for more knowledge everyday. Choose your mentors well and learn from them. Shut up, listen and do what your experts say.

2. LoyaltyGreat leaders are loyal to their followers. In politics, most leaders give false promises to their people and break their trust and they become less influential through the process. In business this mistake of being disloyal and unfaithful can lead you to very big problems which might destroy your business and no one will ever want to listen to you.

3. Have a Vision Leaders have a vision for their business and enroll others in that vision. Leaders have larger dreams than those they lead.

4. Decisive Leaders are quick and making decisions and slow at changing their decision. Leaders don’t procrastinate. They are sharp thinkers.

5. Display a Commitment to Persistence and DeterminationLeaders say what they do and do what they say and they will never ask someone to do something that they themselves aren’t prepared to do. They are always at the front line. Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi are good examples.

6. Leaders are winners and winners never QuitNo matter how tough it is, it is the leaders who remain in the fight. Leaders will do it or die. They never back of. No matter how hard it is, they just do it and keep on doing it and doing it till they get things done.

7. Solution oriented people80% of people in this world focus on their problems 80% of their time. 20% of people focus on their solutions 80% of their time. That is why only 20% make it and 80% don’t. That’s what leaders do, whenever their is a problem, they focus on solutions to solve that problem. They don’t waste time nagging about their problems. That is what warriors do.

8. Champion othersLeaders look for ways to acknowledge, encourage and empower others. It’s never about them but about raising others to be better. They are always ready to serve others.

9. Embrace ChangeLeaders understand that the only thing that will remain constant is change itself. Otherwise everything will change. Leaders not only embrace change, but also get prepared and study the new changes that are about to happen. It is during the time of changes when leaders made huge fortunes. In the information age people like Bill Gates, Michael Dell and Steve Jobs appeared.

10. Create a Master Mind TEAMGreat leaders understand that without a strong solid team, there will never be success. In their group of 10, 100, 1000 or 10,000 people, they choose the few best of the best and work with them to build a very strong team. That team becomes the engine of his business organization. No team means no success.

Just understand that it takes time to be a strong leader but whatever qualities you have at the moment you can work with them and influence people to follow you while you focus on your growth through the process. Are leaders are learning to be better leaders everyday. There isn’t a perfect leader. So don’t expect to be one.

So what you need to do right now is write down your goals very clearly. What is your purpose? Where do you want to be in the next 30 days? Where do you want to be in the next 90 days? What about next year? Next 5 years? What goal do you have for your team?

After writing this goal, write down an action plan on how you can achieve these goals. What do you need to do everyday to be able to achieve your goal in the next 30 days to the next 5 years? What does your team need to do?

After doing that, call your team and share the purpose with them. Share with them how their lives can change if they follow these action plan. Let them see what you see. Let them feel what you feel. Talk from your heart. And start leading your team.

Good luck in your leadership!

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